Micro-letter Download: micro-channel version for Windows Phone 1.2


Micro-letter Download: micro-channel 1.2 for Windows Phone Click to download Or Visit the market.

Micro-channel is a mobile communication software,Support through the mobile phone network to send voice messages, pictures, and text,Can chat and group chat,Also according to geographical location to find nearby people,Bring friends, new mobile communication experience. ,Can display Simplified, Traditional, English three interfaces.

Micro-channel for Windows Phone Windows Phone 7.5 platform supports handheld devices.
Micro-channel 1.2 for Windows Phone has been on the market shelves today at Microsoft's official,Mobile application market access available search for "micro-channel" post,Direct download and install on your phone.

微信 for Windows Phone 1.2 New main functions:


Support QQ offline messages received and sent,So you always keep in touch with friends QQ

微信 for Windows Phone 1.2


Supports more than 100 countries worldwide mobile phone number registered,And simplify the registration process,Simple steps instantly have your micro-channel.

微信 for Windows Phone 1.2


Support for Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and English language interface display.

微信 for Windows Phone 1.2


Micro-letter Download: micro-channel 1.2 for Windows Phone Click to download Or Visit the market. Release date: 2012.02.27

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    I hope the opening of micro-channel

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